Romford is the place to be..

Okay, so London is treating me good. Det finns sa mycket att gora, so many things to do. Today is a slow day though. We hit the bookstore -I promised the girls a book each. They are great readers! A, who’s about to turn 8 is really enjoying Roald Dahl.. She was telling me yesterday about Mathilda.. Funny, that’s what’s my students at school are reading.. We did on the otherhand get another book : The wishing chair collection by Enid Blyton. Interesting – I used to read Enid when I was young. Well, everyone has, haven’t they…. My only complaint would be the laptop I’m using.. It’s from Thailand.. The lettering is a bit funny,.. And finding the questionmark is somewhat impossible.. I have found it once.. Perhaps I will again.

I have known my friend for 16 years. We were going to upper secondary school then. And some years later she met N -the greatest guy ever.. We were then living in New York. They are married now and Mr and Mrs MN A have been together for 14 years.. That’s something, isn’t it.. Their children are just the cutest girls ever. Together they have travelled the world – They’ve been almost everywhere and their latest adresses have been Bangkok, New york and when they moved to London, they were actually thinking about Japan instead. Their children have several passports and they speak at least 5 lanuages between them. They live a life where quality of life is not measured by how nice furniture you have. That’s something to strive for..

Saturday turns into Sunday. Here at the bookstore.. Great vanilla lattee! YUMMI =)

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