Arkiv | 21 februari, 2011

Monday in Essex it is..

Monday morning and Detox week is beginning. Coffee first, then lemon water… Don’t be surprised but today I am hitting the gym -well WE are. The gym is downstairs, just outside the elevator, so there is no reason for not going there. But I am somewhat lazy, and somewhat lucky, or at least used to be when my flat stomach did not require any sit ups. I guess those days are over. I somehow got fat, but I am changing all that now. So the gym it is.  And I will buy some new track suits, because the one’s I have are falling off of me -I need a smaller size. I think we’re hitting HM for that. You gotta love HM, no matter where you are… ‘Somehow’ is not really a ‘somehow’, since I was over eating -period! I am not clueless..

I’ve only been here for a few days, and as always, I am already thinking in English. It’s natural. When you’re in Sweden it may seen a bit odd, but being here is making me remembering the old days. It is how I always used to think and speak – how me and M A speak. The girls actaully don’t know a lot of Swedish, since English is their means of communication, so here it may seem a bit rude to speak Swedish -the girls reminded us of that the other day: Please speak English!

We spent last night on the couch, just hanging out, reading, watching TV, snacking and eating good food. Here we are cuddling, me and K. She’s so cute! =)

We did some shopping today, being the Essex girls that we are.. And of course we did Costa as well.. Even though I drank a large coffee, I am tired. Shopping drives me insane.. I honestly don’t like it, but I do love clothing. And I have a lot of it. Luckily the boys don’t need a lot of storage, because I need theirs as well. And I might be bringing something from London – or I am… 

Dinner at home is coming up – M A is making fresh pasta with pesto – yummi! – and then I think we’ll be on the sofa for another night. Did I tell you I got freshly baked bread this morning? Accompanied with cheese and fresh fruit.. = ) ROMFORD IS GREAT!.