Arkiv | 22 februari, 2011

doubting the present? naaww..

Okay, sometimes life is better than just being good. Being on leave is one of those moments. I love travelling. I always have, I always will. That’s a relationship I will maintain. There’s no doubt in my mind. I will definitely explore London soon again. VERY SOON!

Today we had a lazy day – we are so tired! It might be because we went to the gym yesterday. I am hurting!! Anyway, We went to the park to feed the birds and the ducks, looked at houses around Romford and then went to Hornchurch for lunch -good, spicy Mexican food. It was great! During dinner we had a heart to heart girl-talk.

”Well is he your friend?


Do you snuggle?  (GIGGLES)


So he’s your boyfriend then?

– Hmmm. (EVEN MORE GIGGLES.. And now they can’t stop giggling… =)


Snubblade over John Patrick Shanley´s pjäs Doubt:

Is it doubt (so often experienced initially as weakness) that changes things. When a man feels unsteady, when he falters, when hard-won knowledge evaporates before his eyes, he´s on the verge of growth. The subtle or violent reconciliation of the outer person and the inner core often seems at first like a misstake, like you’ve gone the wrong way and you’re lost. But this is just emotion longing for the familiar. Life happens when the tectonic power of your speechles soul breaks through the dead habits of the mind. Doubt is nothing less than an opportunity to reenter the Present.

Doubting the present? naawww…

Tonight we’re off to Zumba class. I am looking forward to it. Did I  tell you that I spotted a black Mini today with a pink Union Jack flag? I wanted it…  Still want it.. This is however Mini-country… Tomorrow I will fall in love with another one… I am not doubting that either…