The tooth fairy came last night..

Sometimes life offers you a gift way beyond a dream. Sometimes life offers you hardship and pain. The weak is being strong, The sick is being brave, The tired one is sleeping… You just go on, and somehow you get things done. To be complete and fulfilled is what matters the most.

In times of sickness, someone has to be the strong, yet the brave is filled with hope. Watching strong signs of vitality and being in the land where the toothfairy lives is completion in everyday life. In happy moments like baking a chocolate cake or just going to the park or in between dreams of treasures and newspaper-eating crocodiles, you feel really blessed. Yesterday the tooth fairy came.

Today was a lazy day and did not really ended up as we had planned. Yet we had another good day. Tonight it is time for some moroccoan cooking, cous cous with lamb. Friends to the family is coming over and I am expecting a reallt good night.  Soon the girls will be back from the pamper birthday party. Really looking forward that! Tomorrow we might do London City.


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