The City of London it is..

Okay, after a great night with freinds and plenty of red wine it was finally time to do London. London is huge! We had a great sunny day. I am so tired but very pleased with the day. I think I might move here…  I’m serious…

4 tankar om “The City of London it is..

  1. Im not at all J and I will not be either, 🙂

    I hope you really got the best time ever, I really cant say that I know anyone else who diserves it more then you.

    Your not moving right away are you ? 🙂 I know exacly what you feel right now. I guess all of us that have been traveling and lived outside sweden awail will get the feeling to move away again, or at least have a nother place to go to.

    Well hope to see you soon and to hear your story 🙂 huge hug 🙂

    xo xo Paula

    • No, I am not moving! ❤ But I wish I was. But I might look into it. =) It is so much fun being in a city =). I am truly a city girl! I reallt am..

      But home is okay too..

      Coffee soon?

      Love T

  2. Åh så härligt det ser ut!
    Och du ser så lyckligt ut.
    I Halden är det skitväder, men jag är tillsammans med bästisen så jag har det bra.

    Vi ses på måndag!

    Kram ❤


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